The MAN is keeping us down!!!
It's 2013 and Blacks still think the Man is keeping
them down and all Whites are Racists!

by Victor the SnakeMannn
July 14th, 2010

Welcome to A.S.S. American Socialist States!

OBAMA!!! Making AMERICANs into AmeriCan'ts!!!

July 14th, 2010

Karl Marx!!! I hope you are lovin your pupil, our president!!! I hope he is living up to your standards!!!

Ok, I am so sick of hearing that Whites are Racist because they believe in Freedom and Less Taxes and Less Spending and LESS GOVERNMENT intrusion in OUR LIVES!!!! I am Tired of Blacks whining that the MAN IS KEEPING THEM DOWN!!! This does not hold anymore water in AMERICA!!! PERIOD!!! THE MAN IS BLACK!!! HELLO MC'FLY???

Ok, now before you go calling me a Racist, I'll have you know it's is NOT ABOUT THE COLOR OF OUR SKIN, BUT THE CONTENT OF OUR CHARACTER!!! I wonder who said that??? Can anyone tell me? It seems that MOST BLACKS have NO CONTENT in their CHARACTER!!! It's all whining and complaining about how Whites are still against them and everyone hates them and they need Reparations and the MAN is KEEPING THEM DOWN etc... Friggin WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Let me call you a Whaaaaaambulance!!!! Really? I bet if you asked Tiger Woods, or Michael Jordan, or Lebron James, or Denzel Washington or Oprah Winfrey or PRESIDENT OBAMA if they were being HELD DOWN or Discriminated against, I bet they would tell you NOPE!!! These are just a few Blacks who when growing up heard the whining and heard they couldn't amount to anything or be anybody (Well except for Tiger as his parents told him he could do it), and they rose above, they practiced and did and didn't whine and overcame the stereotypical black standard! They WERE NOT VICTIMS!!! What the demoncrats and black leaders do is make all blacks Victims and in doing so, THEY ARE THE ONES KEEPING THE BLACK COMMUNITY DOWN!!!

I'd like names please! Who in the White Community or Republican Community is telling ANYONE they cannot do or achieve their dreams or aspirations? Ok with Whites it's the demoncratic party! They want Everyone on Welfare! They want everyone to be a Victim! They want everyone to live in shambles! THE DEMONCRATIC PARTY IS KEEPING THE BLACK MAN DOWN!!! THE DEMONCRATIC PARTY IS KEEPING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DOWN!!! They tell you everyone is against you! They offer you just enough money to live in crap and if you want more money you have to sell drugs to try to make enough to not be on the bottom. But then you are part of the problem keeping the Black Community Down! They rile you up and get you all mad and tell you it's the Republicans and then you believe it and HATE white people and HATE Republicans and then riot and demonstrate etc... Can't you see it's NOT THE REPUBLICANS doing ANYTHING TO ANYONE??? Republicans want FREEDOM FOR ALL PEOPLE!!! FOR ALL AMERICANS!!! WE THE PEOPLE, not we the whites!!! Republicans want ALL and EVERYONE to be happy and successful and to live the AMERICAN DREAM!!!

I'll admit there are Republicans and there are Whites who are Racists. But how many White Racist or White hate crimes do you hear about on the News? How many are actually happening? I mean How many are actually Racists commiting Hate Crimes? But if you watch any news anywhere in the country, Blacks kill Whites, Blacks and Hispanics on a daily basis. Blacks Rob Whites, Blacks and Hispanics on a daily basis. Blacks sell drugs to Whites, Blacks and Hispanics on a daily basis. Blacks around the country who are responsible for themselves and their own actions, are the ones commiting crimes against Whites, Blacks and Hispanics on a daily basis. Blacks KILL more Blacks than all other races that kill blacks COMBINED!!! If you go into the Black Community, it's the Black Drug Lords and the Black Gangs and the Black Pimps and the Black Leaders keeping the Blacks down!

Black Leaders? Yep the Leaders!!! If you listen to any of these leaders, well not any but most, they all tell you "you are a Victim!" They tell you "you have been abused and kept down by the man" and they tell you "how worthless you are as a human!" It's the BLACKS doing this to BLACKS!!! When was the last time a Black Leader told you to get off Welfare and go out and get a Business License and start your own business and help you get the funds and to make your own money and be your own person and that YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL??? When did they tell you you could be someone? Nope, hasn't happened, doesn't happen. Blacks are victims and are held down and held back by other Blacks!!!

That's BULL!!! We are AMERICA!!! As I set in the examples above, ANYONE CAN DO ANYTHING OR BE ANYONE THEY WANT TO BE IN AMERICA!!! Only the demoncrats are telling you how much of a victim you are and then if you do become successful they will take all your money, and freedoms and dreams and dash your hopes and dreams away just like they are doing to the rest of America!  Well like I said above, there are exceptions to every rule. There are some who believe anyone can be anything and do anything etc... There are some in the black communities who are trying to raise a new American to show them the American Dream! Unfortunately those Blacks are called Uncle Toms by leaders in the Black Community! God Forbid a Black Man would want to be successful and want to get out of the Ghettos and want to rise above petty race issues? How about all the Black Athletes and Black Musicians and Black Rappers and Black Business Owners and Black Doctors and Black Lawyers and Black Politicians? They are all trying to live the American Dream and unless they are bitter and hold onto Racism, they become Capitalists and Acheivers and try to live their American Dream! If they Remain Bitter and try to keep people down and in their place, they are no better than the slave masters and opressors they are caling the Whites and Republicans and are hypocrites!

It's not Racist for someone to not like someone based on their beliefs. There are a lot of people I do not like because of what they believe and how they act and live their lives of all colors and races and demoninations and religeous beliefs etc... But there are also a lot of people of all nationalities that I like because of who they are and what they believe. And yes, I will reiterate, there are Racists in America! And just because a few Racists are anywhere or doing anything, it does not lump everyone into the pile! If a Bank Robber goes into a bank and robs it, does that mean everyone that was in the bank who did nothing to stop him is a Bank Robber too? If someone is selling drugs on a street corner and you walk by are you a drug dealer too? We are all accountable to ourselves and our own actions. We are responsible for what we do. If you are in a crowd and a riot breaks out, you have a choice, you can be a part of it and go to jail and be resposible for what YOU do, or you can turn and walk away and choose to not be a part of that mess. It's about YOU and what YOU do! It's about YOU and what YOU want. If YOU break the law, they don't go and arrest your whole family! They arrest you and try you and prosecute YOU!

I bet that if you do try, you want to overcome, and want to be successful, and end up becoming successful and then have to pay taxes and wages and actually run a company, you might change your thinking. And if you do become successful you become part of the problem and then people see you being successful and seeing you pay people to work, then they call you an Uncle Tom and then shun you and call you names and you become a Republican! When the Government encroaches on your Freedoms and Liberties and blocks your Pursuit of the American Dream, you get PISSED and a Revolt in your brain and life ensue and you join the Tea Party. Then you see where the actual racism comes from. Tell me this, is it ok for a black man to be a racist, to do racist things and commit racist crimes? If it is and it's considered Freedom of Speech, then the same should apply to the other side. If it is not, same thing, it should be wrong on all levels! Are there bad people in the world? Yes!

What ever happened to "Sticks and stone may break my bones but names will NEVER HURT ME"? Are we now a woosie country that get's offended but little stupid ignorant people who call us names? REALLY? Looking for the Whaaaaambulance number again!!! You know what happens when someone calls me a name? 1, I know I am not that, (Unless I am driving like an asshole and they call me an asshole etc...) and I think to myself or maybe out loud how stupid that person is. 2, Because I know I am not that what they call me, I move on and just walk away. It's words, just words. Does it hurt sometimes? Yes, but does that mean I should get all huffy and call a press conference and sue? NOPE!!! SO WHAT???? Some people are just stupid and act that way. OH WELL!!! GET OVER IT!!! MOMMY, that man called me a name, Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I'm gonna pout and stomp my feet!!!! REALLY????

As a Republican which is the Choice I made in my life to be and live by, I get called a Racist and an Hatemonger and almost every kind of name you can think of. Am I any of those things? NOPE!! Does it hurt me? NOPE! But I do think the people delivering those messages and calling the names are stupid and I wonder who is teaching them these things. People grow up how they are taught. You are not born a color or a race or a racist, you learn to be these things. I know Chinese, Japanese, Black, Russian etc... people who were all born in this country or brought here when they were babies and adopted into good homes of families of all colors and races etc... and they all speak English and all live as Americans and grow up to be all kinds of things. If people were born a certain way, Chinese people would only speak Chinese and be communists and Japanese people would only speak Japanese etc... Thought and Life is a Learned Behaviour. So Racists are raised to be Racists and Learn to be Racists and Choose to be Racists! Not all people are RACISTS! NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE RACISTS!!!

Should anyone be responsible for the Bad People's Behaviour? NO! What happened to Personal Responsibility??? There are plenty of people in America that regardless of what they are going through, regardless of what situations they are in, regardless of who they are listening to or hanging out with, These people CHOOSE to make the RIGHT descisions and be GOOD PEOPLE!! They CHOOSE to NOT be bad!!! I myself can see others drinking, smoking and doing drugs and I know it's wrong, but I CHOOSE to make the right choice and DO NOT DO IT!!! Am I perfect? Do I always make the right Choice? Nope, and if I choose to speed and get caught, is it anyone else's fault? Nope, I did it. If I choose to Jay walk or break any other law and I get caught is it anyone else's fault? NOPE!!! It was MY FAULT!!! OMG, the Government made the Corners too far apart I cannot walk an extra 100 feet to the light. OMG the Government made the Speeds too slow and I am in a hurry!!!! (Well sometimes that's true LOL) But should I hold everyone else responsible for things I CHOOSE to do or not do? again, NOPE!!!

People came to America to be FREE! People live in America because they are FREE! People stay in America because they are FREE! There is no fence or any chains keeping anyone here! You are even FREE to LEAVE at any time you CHOOSE!!! The demoncrats are keeping people locked in chains and are the oppressors! Slavery is still alive and well in America! Obama himself says all should Volunteer for 2 years! Volunteer? Really? Work with NO PAY??? Really? Isn't that Slavery? Who is keeping who down? Who hates who and who is spreading the hate and dividing the country? Who's chains are you wearing? Are you shackled to a pole or a ring on a wall somewhere? Or are you FREE to try something? Do Anything? Try anything? Fail or succeed at ANYTHING??? Live FREE??? If you are not free, then who is holding you back? Who is holding you down? There are kids who are millionaires! Why? Because they have a dream and set about to live it and be who they want to be. There are thousands of Black Millionairs and some Billionaires in America! Do they still think the man is keeping them down?

Rev Jeramiah Wright, he's a Multi Millionaire and lives in a prominant White/Jewish neighborhood in a $10 million dollar Mansion!!! He's driven to his church and around in a BENTLEY! How many people in his congregation live in anywhere close to those kind of places who he says Whites are keeping you down? REALLY???

The Man who is keeping us all down are the demoncrats! Obama, Reid, Peolsi, Frank, Clinton, Emanual, and so many more, they are the ones keeping AMERICA DOWN!!! It's no longer about Black or White, or any other race! We are WE THE PEOPLE!!! What they do affects us ALL AS A WHOLE!!! WE THE PEOPLE!!! Do you know why they can keep you down? BECAUSE THEY THINK YOU ARE STUPID!!! Are you STUPID? Listen to how they talk to you! Listen to how they talk about you! Listen to how they treat you! WE THE PEOPLE!!! Do you know how they keep you stupid? They Divide you, they divide us!!! ARE YOU STUPID??? Then PROVE IT!

Here is a Letter I wrote today to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and FOX:

Ok, you have billions of photos and video and all kinds of audio of countless people of all races and parties calling President George W. Bush every manner of name calling and who have every manner of hate signs and every manner of hate photos including Hitler and using Swastika's for 8 years and even still. You can just google GW and you get all these photos and links. Just GW. Where was the NAACP? Where was the lame street media? Where are the stories of them going after these protestors? What happened at some of these events where these signs were? We have PROOF that people on the left were going to infiltrate Tea Party and Republican Events with hate signs and cause divisiveness and perhaps some of these signs and radicals could have been these people. Jason Levin is the Oregon middle school teacher who founded the website I've been to any number of events and have seen plenty of blacks at Tea Party and Republican Events. We here in Las Vegas have a few Black Republicans running for office. There are more Black Republicans nationwide running for office as I write this than there have ever been in the History of OUR COUNTRY!! There are Black Leaders calling these people uncle Toms. Where's Benjamin Jealous? Where's Obama campaigning for these people? Aren't they for the ADVANCEDMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE???

A reasonable person can equate Obama with Hitler, not on the killing level but man to man they are both leaders of the Nationalist/Socialist Party i.e. Nazi. Other than the actual killing, they are equals in their beliefs of how their country should run. There are many things Obama has done and is doing that are right out of Mein Kampf. There are many things Obama has done and is doing that are right out of Hitler's Playbook and he is doing the same thing to America that Hitler did to Germany! They are both Marxists and follow his teachings. There are people in the White House and people Obama has appointed that are closer to Hitler and actually want people dead and controlled to the levels Hitler did. So bi proxy it equates to Obama because of this!

It is Our right as an American People to use the 1st Amendment in any way we see fit. It might not be morally or politically right to do so, but it is OUR RIGHT TO DO SO just the same!!! For anyone to put a Hitler Moustache on Obama or to have him appear in a photo next to Hitler might not be politically correct to the left and all people, but there is nothing wrong with us expressing free thought and art and political speech and sure people can get mad, but that does not make it illegal. I do not like Tax Money going to Gay artists that framed Human Excrement. That is wrong, but it is OUR RIGHT TO DO SO!! My problem is that it was Tax Payer funded, that is NOT A RIGHT!



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I am Victor the SnakeMannn and I am a Proud American!

They work for US!



Victor the SnakeMannn
July 14th, 2010

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Erik Rush July 15 at 3:44pm

I love the content and your wit. Nothing wanting there! It's good to see someone who isn't afraid to speak their truth.
Too many people are concerned with offending - and we can see what our 'playing nice' has done for America - nothing! Good work!


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